Most people play ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill’ as a game of hypothetical questions, but Eddy’s life takes an unconventional path. When Dr. François Gagnon offers Eddy Courant a postdoc position studying time loops, the chance to revive her failing research career pulls her from her depression and makes her feel alive again. Eddy loses herself to the thrill of science, and to the simpler pleasures of life—like flirting with her boss and seducing his wife. That is, until the men funding the research demand more ground-breaking data to justify keeping her on board. Eddy is plunged into more violent, darker acts to appease the funders. So long as she’s employed, she doesn’t have to face the consequences of replaying countless deaths—including her own. But keeping track of shifting timelines while her mental state deteriorates means losing the ability to tell real life from its shadow.

Zilla signed Reprise to Bumblepuppy Press. More information about ways to buy the book, pre-order giveaways, and other questionable life choices you can engage in coming soon. Content notes for the book are here.