Zilla’s struggling with working inside the system at the end of the world. To cope, she’s written a postmodern speculative fiction novel about her fears of climate catastrophe. In her novel, a repeating cast of characters confronts an impending apocalypse in six different worlds: Jewish folktale, dark academia, urban fantasy, steampunk portal fantasy, paranormal-investigation screenplay, and space opera. But finding literary representation isn’t easy, particularly given the state of the publishing industry in neoliberal capitalism. Zilla’s query letters devolve into a darkly funny exploration of her own psyche. The biography becomes a diary of her fights with her liberal friends and her growth in a community of activists; the blurb is replaced with snippets of her novel that echo her moods. Her letters include song recommendations in the comps, works of cut-up poetry, and an ASCII penis. Zilla might not be able to succeed inside the system, but she’s starting to question how much meaning that kind of success holds.

The fate of this novella is as hard to predict as that of the world it exists in. More information coming, maybe, someday.